Rovotech Sdn Bhd

Established in August 2018, we have carry over 10 products from various categories to our portfolio such as rugged mobile computers, Android handheld POS terminals, AIDC terminals, RFID reader, Handheld Barcode Scanners, Portable Thermal Printers, Label Printer, Anti-counterfeit system & WMS/ IMS software.



Customers an experience that keeps them coming back

•Click and collect

•Inventory management

•Mobile point of sale

•Assisted selling

•Interactive kiosks

Warehouse & Logistics

Deliver non-stop service from the first mile to the last

•Cross-docking and stocking

•Picking and packing

•Shipping and receiving


•Proof of delivery


Improve services and safety with intelligent mobility


•Human services

•Identity management

•Dispatch & records management

•Maintenance repair operations


Increase productivity from the plant floor to the front door


•Quality assurance/inspections

•Asset and facility management

•Maintenance/field service

•Proof of pickup and delivery

Industry Partners